David: Size Matters

How did Michelangelo come to create his oversize masterpiece?  Here's the story.


It may have sold for millions, but it appears this painting was relegated to the trash heap.  Remarkable.

Of a Time Lost

Photographer Nancy Warner's released a new book that captures with deep feeling a way of life in this country that's fast disappearing.  Very powerful.

Hunt and Peck? Think Again

Everyone's fooled around creating an emoticon or two.  But what happens when really creative artists use their ten fingers on the keyboard of that ancient beast known as a "typewriter?"

New Work

Selfie I
Acrylic on canvas


What's new at the Whitney?

Bush League?

George W. Bush hasn't been idle these past few years.  He's taken up the brush, and his portraits are now part of an exhibition at his Presidential library.

Justice Served

The Germans have returned a work of stolen Nazi art to Poland.  Will it open the door to more?

The Man Behind the Stolen Trove

Cornelius Gurlitt.  

You may know his name from the headline-making discovery of the priceless cache of Nazi artwork he's held for decades; but who is he, and what has driven him?  An in-depth look from the BBC.

Not For Sale?

Many European countries are facing hard times, and that includes Portugal.  It's been shedding assets left and right to help the bottom line.  But a growing number of Portugese are drawing the line at selling the works of Joan Miro.

One Man's Junk . . . .

See what Rosy Keyser does with items she scavenges.  Art from others' castoffs.