Monet and His Lilies

They are among his most beloved paintings, but they might not exist if Monet's neighbors had had their way.

New Work

Hard to Windward
Sumi ink drawing photographed with iPhone and re-imagined with Pixlr

Moving Pictures

 Remarkable looks at the past . . . through breathtakingly colorized photographs.

The First of Many

Do you remember Cornelius Gurlitt, the late German found to have had more than twelve hundred paintings stashed in his Munich home?

The first of those works is going on the auction block.

New Work

iPhone w/Pixlr

Oh, Pablo!

By now, you've no doubt encountered the furor created by Fox News when it blurred parts of its image of Picasso's Women of Algiers in doing a story on its record-setting auction.

Idiotic?  Of course.  But the Guardian's Jonathan Jones believes he understands why the prudes can't handle the Spaniard.

Not Your Parents' Art Show

It's no holds barred at the Venice Biennale.  See what one Brit is up to, and why it's likely to make many of her countrymen blush.

What's New in the Windy City?

If you dig Andean art, then the current exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago is just for you.

Bringing Home the Bacons

Two self-portraits painted by Francis Bacon will be auctioned this summer with the expectation that they could fetch as much as $46-million.  But before they're sold, they're being seen in public for the first time in decades.


With color photography still in its infancy, an amateur British photographer took a series of pictures of his teenage daughter.

They are, I think you'll agree, quite compelling works of art.

Zen Art

"To Windward"
Ballpoint Pen on Paper

Godly Art for the Ungodly

Here's the question:  Does one have to be a believer to truly appreciate religious art?

Guardian critic Jonathan Jones says not as far as he's concerned.  What about you?