Schiele Behind Bars

How did prison change the Austrian painter Egon Schiele's work?  In more ways than you might imagine.

What $81,000,000 Will Buy

Do you love Elvis?  Warhol?  How about the two of them together?

What $65,000,000 Will Buy

Man, oh, man, oh, Manet.

What $62,000,000 Will Buy

Another Van Gogh is auctioned off for an astronomical amount.

Turner Classic Movie

In the latest art-imitates-art film, British actor Timothy Spall takes on the prodigious task of portraying JMW Turner.  It wasn't easy.

The Photographer's Eye

What does it take to make an award-winning nature picture?  Here's your answer:

Art and Nature

What does the work of four artists reveal about their relationship to nature?

Ahead of His Time

A remarkable American photographer who saw beyond race to the humanity within.

A Thriving Art Market -- Where?

Ethiopia might be your last guess.  You would be wrong.

In the Windy City

What's new at the Art Institute of Chicago?  An ongoing exhibition of Rene Magritte's superb work.