Black In Britain

There's a new photographic exhibit in London, a collaboration that offers new insight into the lives led by people of color from the 1950s on.

The Architectural Eye

If you enjoy taking photos of architecture, here's some advice on perfecting your work.

Gladys Nilsson

First New York gallery show in six years.  Impressive work.

What Lies Within

Troubling . . . brilliant.  It's the singular work of James Ensor, now featured in an exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Faked Out

After years of allegedly fleecing buyers, a New York man's been arrested on charges he forged the work of Pollock, de Kooning and others.

Superb Art, Depraved Artist

Eric Gill was a brilliant sculptor, but his private life nearly overshadows the greatness of his work.

Schiele Behind Bars

How did prison change the Austrian painter Egon Schiele's work?  In more ways than you might imagine.

What $81,000,000 Will Buy

Do you love Elvis?  Warhol?  How about the two of them together?

What $65,000,000 Will Buy

Man, oh, man, oh, Manet.

What $62,000,000 Will Buy

Another Van Gogh is auctioned off for an astronomical amount.