26 May 2016


When I began creating tableaux and then photographing them with my iPhone a couple of years ago, I naturally sought out whatever props I thought would be of use.  Early on, I settled on a piece of woodworking I'd done years ago.  Its configuration and sharp angles put me in mind of a tortured tree, one of the sort I imagined was used by Judas Iscariot. The Christian Bible says he ended his life with a length of rope after suffering remorse for facilitating the arrest of Jesus by the Romans, so the piece also symbolizes Judas's own dark night of the soul.  

The title refers to the place where the Bible says Judas's remains were buried:

Potter's Field

Just as a theological sidelight, I've long found it curious that Judas's name has been blackened for all time, ironically, for helping Jesus fulfill his destiny.  If not for Judas, then what?

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