07 June 2016

Mississippi Saxophone

Many of my early drawings featured blues players I admire, especially those who play harmonica -- harp, in blues parlance.

I am not alone in saying categorically that Little Walter Jacobs was the greatest of the blues harpmen, a player who moved from the South, made Chicago his home, amplified his instrument and revolutionized the genre.

Here's my portrait:

Blues With a Feeling
Graphite on paper

And, so you have a better idea of his style, here he is with the legendary Chicago houserocker Hound Dog Taylor on guitar (watch closely and you'll notice that Hound Dog has six fingers on his fretting hand.)

A legion of blues harp players were influenced by Little Walter.  Among them, one of my contemporary favorites, Kim Wilson, front man for the Fabulous Thunderbirds:

Fabulous T-Bird
Charcoal on paper
You'll hear echoes of Little Walter in Kim's playing, but he has a developed a master's touch of his own.  And he's a hell of a singer.  This will make a believer out of you.

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