24 May 2016

Orient Expressed

I have long been attracted to and influenced by the Japanese aesthetic -- best expressed through Zen calligraphy, sumi-e, bonsai, ikebana and raku pottery.  What appeals most is that the best of each of these art forms captures the essential spirit of its subject with neither ostentation nor self-consciousness. 

 I hope these three paintings, all focusing on pottery pieces, achieve that.

The first is of a Japanese teapot:

Acrylic on canvas

Next, I tried my hand on two tea bowls:

Raku Ni
Acrylic on canvas

Raku Ichi
Acrylic on canvas

I have several other pieces that focus on Japanese and Zen themes.  I will feature more in future posts.

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"I found myself not being able to put the book down!"  LS, Arizona

"I read three chapters and was completely gripped!"  VB, London 

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