06 May 2016

Art Appreciation

Can the simple act of looking at art sharpen our perceptions in the wider world?  Indeed it can, says art historian Amy Herman in a new book.

The Water-Lily Pond
Claude Monet

"The book is based on a seminar she developed called “The Art of Perception,” which teaches professional in various fields including law enforcement, business, medicine and education how to improve their perception and communication skills by analyzing works of art." 

This is the thriller you've been waiting for!

"An amazing tale...that you cannot put down!" ML, Georgia

"It takes hold from the first page and won't let go!"  CE, Illinois

"A thrill all the way to the end!"  LS, Arizona

"An exciting read!" JR, OH

"This novel picks you up by the scruff of your neck and doesn't let you go!" VB, London

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