05 May 2016

Keep Your Eyes Open

A few days ago, a cartoonist and painter was describing for a group fellow artists that he found his inspiration in myriad places, including the floor beneath his feet at home.  He's not alone.  This drawing is based on a pattern in a section of southern pine planking in the floor of my dining room.  The title suggested itself:

Graphite on paper

The kernel of the idea for this piece was a little farther afield -- a Japanese bamboo garden fountain:

Even the Ibis Must Feed Its Young
Graphite on paper

Where have you found your inspiration?

Brother Jim's chilling new novel has been getting some great Amazon reviews:

"It maps the tortures of the human soul in a completely unexpected and shocking way.  Read it!" CE, Illinois

"A solid, interesting read. Jim Yeazel knows how to build and sustain suspense."  LM, NY

"This novel picks you up by the scruff of your neck and doesn't let you go until the final pages." VB, London 

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