05 April 2016

Overlook Nothing

Back to a familiar topic -- making use of materials at hand to create art.

I've received a fair bit of comment for a piece I posted on Facebook as my profile picture this week:

Political Discourse

The idea for this photo took root months before when my wife and I changed the window treatments in a sitting room of our house.  The figures in the picture are two wooden drapery rod holders.  When I took them off the wall, they shapes struck me as interesting and potentially useful, so I stored them away in an area where I keep my art supplies.  

I didn't do anything with them until I got a burst of creative energy with my iPhone, pulled them out, set them up in a spot where they caught the morning sun streaming through a window onto a section of leather couch.  I photographed the shadows created and went to work with Pixlr.

In the political climate that's prevailed in recent years, it didn't take me long to come up with a title.

It's a favorite -- a simple piece that resulted from taking a fresh look at an everyday object.

You never know, right?

These readers love this book . . . and so will you!

"I found myself not being able to put the book down...it just got better and better."  LS, Arizona

"I read three chapters and was completely gripped."  VB, London

"A powerful exploration of real-life horror and psychological turmoil."  JC, Illinois

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