07 April 2016

Under the Knife

After I began painting, I used only brushes during the first year.  Then, in 2013, I decided to take a risk and embark on a piece done with palette knives.  The impetus was a desire to paint in a more expressionistic style, one that I hoped would be easier to achieve if I set the brushes aside.  And I found that to be true, especially since I like to work in rather short, concentrated bursts, allowing the paint to dry between sessions. That greatly facilitates scumbling, permitting the gradual layering of pigment, resulting in greater textural interest and emotional impact.  

I chose Miles Davis as my first subject, and this is the finished piece:

Kind of Blue
Acrylic on canvas
16 x 20

I was quite pleased with it, and I'm very gratified that the painting sold last Friday at the opening of my show, From Mozart to Miles.  At the end of the month, Mr. Davis will find his new home on the wall of a chic salon.

Moving from brushes to knives was the best step I've taken since I had the courage to begin painting in the first place.  I've done several other pieces using only knives, adding brushwork only very sparingly when it aided in very fine work I found hard to execute otherwise.  

Now, based on the success and exposure of those pieces, I'm about to embark on a commission painting of another musician.  When the piece is done and ensconced with my clients in New York City, I'll be here to show you the results.

My brother's debut novel is one hell of a thrilling read.  

"Fantastic book, right up there with Dean Koontz."  JS, Illinois

"An amazing tale!"  ML, Georgia

"I found myself not being able to put the book down...it just got better and better."  LS, Arizona

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