03 April 2016

Pictures At An Exhibition

My art show Friday night at The Paintbox Gallery in Peru, Illinois was a success.  There was a fine turnout -- family, friends old and new, artists and musicians.  Herewith, some photographs taken before the doors opened.

The show, which runs through April, is titled From Mozart to Miles, reflecting my interest in classical, jazz and blues music and the artists who made it.  

The exhibit dedication:  To my son Christopher for his love of music, his heart and his soul and to the memories of Dave "Zero" Pliske and Eric Brown, friends whose spirits made music as sweet as any in this room.

Dave was a fellow blues musician with whom I played many times around northeast Pennsylvania.  Eric was a fellow journalist in Chicago, a sports reporter of consummate skill and a jazz aficionado. 



Son Christopher, the most interesting host in the world . . . . 

The gallery staging and the refreshments were inspired and executed by my wife, Deborah, whose keen eye and perfect taste made the evening what it was.

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