22 May 2016

Tangled Up in Blues

Many of my drawings and paintings reflect a love of music, especially jazz and blues.  I've mentioned this before in posting some pieces.  Today, I thought it might be enjoyable to not only spotlight the artwork but the music, too.  Thanks to YouTube, it's easy to do.

Let's begin with Billie Holiday:

Acrylic on canvas

Nicknamed "Lady Day," she is considered by many the greatest of all female jazz singers.  I agree.  Here is one song, Good Morning Heartachethat may convince you, too.

A female singer of a very different sort was Koko Taylor, often dubbed the "Queen of Chicago Blues":

Wang Dang Doodle
Charcoal on paper

She is rough and ready, a barrelhouse belter of the first order.  I love her.  Here's a performance of her signature song -- the one that lent its name to the drawing's title -- along with the man who wrote it, Willie Dixon, from 1989.  Get ready to boogie!

"I read three chapters and was completely gripped!"  VB, London

Readers everywhere love brother Jim's new thriller!

"I found myself not being able to put the book down...it just got better and better!"  LS, Arizona

Time to find out for yourself!

 "Fantastic book, right up there with Dean Koontz!"  JS, Illinois

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