10 May 2016

Puncturing Balloons

My relationship with the religion of my upbringing, Christianity, headed for the rocks decades ago.  It foundered there for years until I made the final break.  Now, I identify myself as a Zen Buddhist by spiritual inclination and an atheist by intellectual bent.  And, yes, they are compatible positions.

As an artist, I've taken up my differences with Christianity in several pieces that employ satire as the skewer.


John 3:16
Graphite on paper

The image plays directly against the title . . . the box is empty.

Millions of the faithful revere the Shroud of Turin.  My own view is decidedly skeptical, and in this piece, iconoclastic:

Jesus, He's Cool
Graphite on paper

Here's another piece designed as a gentle provocation:

Jesus On Pluto
Graphite on paper
One drawing frequently misinterpreted as just playing for laughs is this one:

The Rapture
Graphite on paper
But it has a far more pointed, satirical purpose.  The key is in the title.  From Wikipedia:

"In Christian eschatology 'the rapture' refers to the belief that either before, or simultaneously with, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to earth, believers who have died will be raised and believers who are still alive and remain shall be caught up together with them (the resurrected dead believers) in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air."

It's my belief that viewers who make the connections I'm providing will get the point.  My hope is that the rest will be curious enough to find out for themselves.

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