03 May 2016

Played for Laughs

Although most of my work has a serious intent, I haven't left humor out of the creative equation.  That's come through most directly in my drawings.  One of the earliest examples is this suave fellow:

Dites "Fromage!"
Graphite on paper
My inspiration stemmed from indelible images director Werner Herzog used in his classic Nosferatu, the Vampyre.  He opened the film with close-up shots of mummies -- withered, contorted limbs, shrunken heads and ghastly faces.   

I went looking for a suitable model; but once I had the right picture, I knew that I wanted to do something besides simply render the face.  Why not have some macabre fun?  So I decided to slip a beret on my new friend and give the piece a cheeky title.  

How about "Say 'cheese'?"  In French. Voila!

Another drawing that sold from the same 2009 show in New York was this one:

Jesus, He's Cool
Graphite on paper

Two inspirations here:  The Shroud of Turin and a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers. 

Irreverent?  Exactly the point.  

I might add that the drawing was purchased by a woman I know,  a good Irish 
Catholic . . . with a wicked sense of humor.

Finally, a piece that draws as much comment as anything I've done:

Graphite on paper
With apologies to Poe.

Edgar Allen would approve of my brother's dark thriller:

"It maps the tortures of the human soul in a completely unexpected and shocking way!" CE, Illinois

"A bumpy ride that you cannot put down!"  ML, Georgia

"A thrill all the way to the end!"  LS, Arizona

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