18 May 2016

Men of Letters

Among the  writers I admire are Albert Camus, Joseph Conrad and Nikos Kazantzakis. When I began drawing the artists who've influenced me, it was quite natural that I would select them as subjects.  

First, Camus, an Algerian by birth.  I count among his greatest works The Stranger, The Plague and The Myth of Sisyphus:
Graphite on paper

Next came Conrad, whose prose (in english, his second language) is unparalleled.  Among his most celebrated works are:  Typhoon, Lord Jim, The Nigger of the Narcissus and Heart of Darkness, as well as the short story from which I borrowed the title for this piece:

The Secret Sharer
Graphite on paper

Finally, Kazantzakis, the author of such classics as The Last Temptation of Christ (for which in an act of utter stupidity he was excommunicated by the Greek Orthodox Church) and the immortal Zorba, the Greek:

The Last Temptation
Graphite on paper
In each case, their faces are only partially visible.  Such is the revelation -- and the drama -- of the composition. To understand them fully is to read them.  I hope you will.

"It maps the tortures of the human soul in a completely unexpected and shocking way.  Read it!" CE, Illinois

Readers are raving about brother Jim's novel of mystery and terror:

"This novel picks you up by the scruff of your neck and doesn't let you go until the final pages!" VB, London 

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