20 May 2016

Hold the Phone

A couple of years ago, I began fooling around with my iPhone, trying to come up with simply staged tableaux that I would photograph, process and creatively title.

One of my earliest efforts utilized a wood carving of an elongated African warrior, a la Giacometti:

Sunset, Serengeti Plain
It was accomplished on top of a dresser with light cast by a small, decorative lamp.  I processed with Pix.  The title suggested itself after running the the image through a filter or two.

In the case below, the setting was the lobby of the Prudential Center in Chicago.  It was the middle of the night with the only illumination provided by the lighting fixtures near the ceiling between two banks of elevators.  Standing below, taking stock of the geometrics and how the lines radiated, it suggested a large space craft.   Again, processed with Pix:

Mother Ship

Finally, another in a series of photo setups involving shadow play on a wall in my home. For this, I used a ceramic black panther -- long and sleek -- in a posture of prowling with his mouth open  I set him up on a table behind a small plant and shot the shadow through the leaves with, as I recall, minimal processing.  In most of these iPhone photographs, I was trying to conjure time and place, hence the title.

Big Cat, Guatemala 1956

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