13 March 2016

Puncturing Balloons

One of the greatest satisfactions in creating art is connecting with an audience.  It may be only a single person, but knowing that that individual "gets" it is worth a great deal.  And, it may be worth a sale as well.

Most of my work is aimed at conveying a specific message or mood.  Like many of you, I am driven to make a point.  Perhaps that's presumptuous, but that's the truth of it.  I try to achieve my goal not only with the piece itself but also its title.  That's very important.  

Not infrequently, the message is satirical, aimed at challenging the viewer's preconceptions -- even long-cherished beliefs.  Such is the case with this graphite drawing from 2009:

Jesus, He's Cool

The rendering of course is based on the Shroud of Turin, claimed by the faithful to have covered the body of Jesus Christ in the tomb following his crucifixion.  While it is deeply venerated by believers, there remain significant questions about its authenticity.  I side with the skeptics and, by drawing the image with a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and titling it as I did, hoped to skewer blind faith.  

I was pleased that the piece made the connection I wanted with one of those who attended the opening of an exhibit of my work several years ago, and she took it home with her.

There are other pieces of mine in a similar vein, and I'll discuss them in future posts. 

What is it you're trying to do with your work?  

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