15 March 2016

Making A Point

A central purpose in much of my work is commentary.  It can be satire or something  more serious and pointed.  That was the aim of this drawing done a few years ago.  It represents my deep abhorrence of cruelty to animals, in this case masquerading as the "sport" of bullfighting.  

Friends who've taken part in the annual spectacle in Pamplona have tried to convince me that what goes on during a corrida is a rich, beautiful part of Spanish culture deserving of preservation.  

Let's ask the bulls.

My small contribution to the argument:

No Mas!
Graphite on paper
8 x 10

Is your art motivated in similar ways?

Here's what readers are saying about my brother's thrilling new novel.

"It maps the tortures of the human soul in a completely unexpected and shocking way.  Read it!" CE, Illinois
"An amazing tale...that you cannot put down!" ML, Georgia

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