27 March 2016

Jesus Christ, Superstar

In the tradition of non-Eastern Orthodox Christians, this is the day it is said that Jesus rose from the dead.  Few figures down through the ages have been covered as frequently by artists, and I find it amusing how these depictions have changed over time.

They were many and varied until roughly the Sixth Century C.E. when traits shown in this image became standardized in the Eastern church.  This standardization emerged much later in Western Christianity.

Jump ahead a thousand years, and El Greco set the benchmark:

For centuries, portraits such as this became the norm:

In modern times, Jesus has turned decidedly more Aryan . . . 

 . . . and well-coiffed:

Culminating in Hollywood's most up-to-date depiction -- as portrayed by actor Diogo Morgado:

Scientists, however, have provided computer modeling that offers a decidedly different take:

Which do you suppose will sell more tickets to the afterlife?

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