24 February 2016

The Titans

The Titans -- Von Karajan
Charcoal on paper

Long an admirer of the great orchestra conductors and their work, I set out to create a series of drawings that I hoped would capture something of their passion and dynamism.  I frequently use the greatest amount of negative space possible to enhance the drama of a piece.  I found that white charcoal on black paper helped me achieve that goal in this series.

My brother's debut novel is winning readers with its blend of suspense, psychological drama and horror.  Find out what the buzz is about -- but leave the lights on!

"An old-fashioned thriller!"  Featured Kirkus Review
Five Stars -- "Picks you up by the scruff of the neck and doesn't let go." VB, London
"A powerful exploration of real-life horror and psychological turmoil."  JC, Illinois

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