30 March 2011

At the Master's Feet

Two new exhibits -- one in Florence, the other in Amsterdam -- explore the power and magnetism of Pablo Picasso and his role in shaping the seismic shift in Twentieth Century art.

Meekyoung At Heart

An exciting new London exhibit of the work of Korean artist Meekyoung Shin.

29 March 2011

No Rat, Fink

For nearly half-a-century, Larry Fink's been chronicling Hollywood's gliteratti.  Now, his work's the subject of an exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

28 March 2011

New Art

March 2011

21 March 2011

Lynch Mob

David Lynch, you say?  There is no one quite like him.  Don't believe me?

New Art

Into the Mystic
March 2011

New Art

Rattlesnake Blues
Charcoal and Conte crayon
March 2011

Delta blues master Charlie Patton

12 March 2011

A Matter of Life and Death

It's all here . . . the struggles of a young woman with terminal breast cancer in a new graphic novel.

10 March 2011

From Water to Life

There is still time to check out John Marin's vibrant work at the Art Institute of Chicago.

09 March 2011

Alexander the Great

Taking a fresh look at Calder and his influence as part of a new exhibit opening next month at the Orange County Museum of Art.

Water, Water Everywhere

A new exhibit of the work of Canaletto and his Venetian rivals at the National Gallery in Washington.

08 March 2011

New Art

Mongolian Gothic
March 2011