03 September 2011

New Art

No Mas!
August 2011


Bill Van Doren said...

That is powerful. Great work.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Nick! Love it!

Nick said...

Thank you for your kind comments. It took me awhile for my deep aversion to bullfighting and other blood sports. It also flies in the face of the experiences of several friends who've run with the bulls in Pamplona. They, of course, continue to romanticize the whole brutal business. I ask them to see it from the bulls' point of view.

William Lucas said...

Excellent work, Nick. It’s evocative of the spirit of the bull. There may have been a time, when civilization was more primitive and it depended upon the muscle of the working animals, and even their meat for sustenance, that such blood sport was ritualized to embolden the spirit of the clan's hunters to kill for the sake of their people. However, now there's no moral reason to continue to torment these majestic animals by running them ragged through modern streets, for the unnecessary amusement of an urban culture. It's indicative, not of a worthy tradition, but rather a sick society of humans tired of watching other humans slaughtered in the battle fields on tv, or simulated killings in their video games, and can have some cheap thrills at the expense of these animal's lives.
Your picture of the intense gaze of this bull stares into the soul of anyone viewing it, so that we might see our own questionable humanity.