31 October 2010

The Art of War

Art rises, even from the horrors and the ashes of war.  

Pictures At An Exhibition

Here's a nifty slideshow of some of the best work on display in Britain.

Across the Pond

The British Art Show has plenty to offer.  Here's what The Guardian's critic thinks.

Museum Scene

What's happening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art?  For one thing, photography.

The Horror . . . The Horror

A new museum dedicated to the atrocities of the Holocaust has opened in Los Angeles.  How successful was the architect in taking on a daunting challenge?

Roiled Waters

An exhibition opens in San Francisco that contains work at the heart of a post-War art battle.


A look at Christopher Russell's new L. A. show.

Master of Minutiae

In the studio with Tom LaDuke.

Vista Vision

The strange world of Pearl C Hsiung on display in Los Angeles.

New Art

October 2010

24 October 2010

Wooden Heart

The Russian city of Samara, long prized for its architectural attractions, is under threat.

Silver Screen

Too hot to handle . . . a guide to banned movies.

Beautiful Wreckage

Is it possible to find anything appealing or artistically worthwhile amid detritus?  Robert Polidori has.

Troubled Waters

The paintings may be beautiful, but an exhibition at London's National Gallery reveals Venice in decline.

Museum Scene

What's new at the Art Institute of Chicago?  An exhibition of ancient Aztec masterpieces.

22 October 2010

Black Arts

The Brooklyn Museum's hosting a new exhibit of pre-War African-American work.

21 October 2010


An interview with art historian R. Tripp Evans on the importance of Grant Wood.

Plato's Place

A Los Angeles Times review of the Martin Durazo exhibit at CB1 Gallery.

20 October 2010

New Art

Native Son
October 2010

16 October 2010

New Art

October 2010

12 October 2010

New Art

John 3:16
October 2010

New Art

Siren Song VI
October 2010

"B" movie queen Diana Dors

Art of the People

We may not readily think of "contemporary Native-American art," yet it's being made every day.  Now -- there's an exhibition at the Smithsonian.

American Modern

The Shein Collection.

A Cornucopia on Canvas

The fantastic art of Arcimboldo on display at the National Museum.

Stealth Art

Maybe you've seen them . . . but maybe you haven't.  Dozens of little-known art gems.

The Seeds of an Idea

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei makes his point -- a million times over.

05 October 2010

New Art

Siren Song V
October 2010

"B" movie queen Mamie Van Doren