24 October 2010

Beautiful Wreckage

Is it possible to find anything appealing or artistically worthwhile amid detritus?  Robert Polidori has.


Randi Kuhne PhotoBlog: Central Florida Photos, Blog, Travel Photojournal said...

Definitely yes, in my book! I see lots of photo opportunities here, in an artistic sense. I'd have to get a closer look at what's in the room to see if there are any that would tell a story of loss besides the big picture itself. (And I'd wear a mask and decontaminate myself after...that's a lot of mold. I'm guessing it's a home post-Katrina?)

Nick said...

It's the artist's aesthetic, which I think is much closer to a Zen view of the world than that of people who aren't as visually inclined: There is beauty in the most humble, common subject -- a weed or a wrecked room.

daw said...

Sit, be still, pay attention that is where your phto will find you.