28 February 2010

Blinding Me With Science

Is it art?  Science?  Or both?

Suburban Sexiness

Can a group of young planners revitalize the image of a London suburb?  They're going to try.

Inhibition Exhibition

Swiss artist Christoph Buechel is stirring up the art world with his latest project in Vienna.

26 February 2010

Koons Age

What does one of the most famous artists on the planet hang on his walls?

Blonde On Silver

We may make jokes about them, but we love our blondes in the movies.

25 February 2010

The Art of Losing One's Head

This painting takes as its subject a beheading.  And it was very popular.  Why?

Veni, Vidi, Vincent

It's the first Van Gogh authenticated in years, and it goes on display in the Netherlands today.

24 February 2010

Embassy Sweet?

The U.S. has a new embassy in London.  Here's an appraisal.

23 February 2010

Viet Mint

A photo gallery of ancient art treasures from Vietnam.

Hot Concept

Vancouver's not only home to the Winter Olympics, it's loaded with conceptual artists.


London's National Portrait Gallery unveils a new exhibit of photographer Irving Penn's work.

Super, Man

A near-mint copy of the world's most sought-after comic has fetched a million dollars at auction.

Moore Is More

A new exhibit of Henry Moore's work has gone on display at the Tate.

22 February 2010


The Hirshhorn's mounted a big, new exhibit of Josef Albers' works.

Art, Cubed

A new exhibition of Franz Ackermann's work.

21 February 2010

New Art

Pas De Deux
February 2010

New Art

White Man's Burden
February 2010

19 February 2010

Creative Juices

The last years of Picasso's life were particularly fruitful ones.  Now, a new exhibition in London puts the spotlight on this prolific period.

That One Shot

Anna Fox describes how she made her favorite capture.

18 February 2010

Il Mio Buon Amico

A new partnership between the Getty and Sicily.

The Unseen Face

He's the man behind the scenes who plays such a crucial role at the Museum of Modern Art.

The Eye of the Century

A major retrospective of Henri Cartier-Bresson's work will be touring the U.S.

17 February 2010

Building Blocks

In an age of recession and downsizing -- where will the sparks of creativity come in architecture? 

In Black and White

A new exhibit of Michelangelo's drawings reveal his staggering genius.

16 February 2010

Kodak Moments

A record of America by William Christenberry . . . one snapshot at a time.

Anthony's Art

He's an Oscar-winner and an accomplished artist.  Now -- a new exhibition of the work of actor Anthony Hopkins has opened in London.

Silver Screen

Colin Firth is a hot Oscar contender for his role in A Single Man.  It's a picture that's causing a real stir -- but is it a gay film?

15 February 2010

French Kiss

The art of Renoir at the LCMA.

Fine China

Mastering the art of Chinese painting.

The Art of War

A new graphic novel dealing with the atrocities of war from a man who's been there.

From the Ashes

The lost art of Haiti revealed since the devastating earthquake last month.

New Art

Heart of Darkness
February 2010