19 February 2010

Creative Juices

The last years of Picasso's life were particularly fruitful ones.  Now, a new exhibition in London puts the spotlight on this prolific period.


Taz said...

Hello Nick! This is Laura of Ice-originals on Imagekind.com. Your work is staggeringly beautiful! Is this a natural gift that you have nurtured with lessons, or were you just born with the ability to produce work like this?

Absolutely gorgeous....

Nick said...

Thank you, Laura. I've never taken art lessons; I honestly didn't know I could draw much beyond a stick figure until I was in my mid-forties. I never had a real inclination to draw until then, and had it not been for a work assignment, I still wouldn't be drawing.

Neither my mother nor father were artists, though I share my dad's precision in penmanship. Apart from that, your guess is as good as mine!

Life holds many surprises, does it not?

Again, great thanks for your kind words.