29 January 2010

Flew, Britannia

Many of Britain's best artists split for foreign shores.  Why?

27 January 2010

New Art

Man Ray
January 2010

Condo Gallery

Mixing art with real estate in the nation's capital.


Van Gogh continues to astonish.

26 January 2010

Black Arts

The growing roster and importance of African-American artists.

Tapestry Tales

How they've been influenced -- and influential -- down through the years.

Fine Art Fix-It

Conservationists at the Metropolitan Museum in New York have a new project -- repairing damage done to a Picasso last week.

New Directions

Chris Ofili's not standing still -- despite his early successes.

25 January 2010

Realm of the Gods

A look at the New Acropolis Museum and the treasures it holds.


Terry O'Neill's been taking pictures of Hollywood royalty for years.  Now -- many of those photographs are going on display at a London gallery.

23 January 2010

Getting His Due

You may not know the name Theo van Doesburg or his work, but he's well worth a look, and he's about to have his art exhibited at the Tate Modern.

22 January 2010

Cave, Man

The traveling exhibit of Chicago designer Nick Cave has hit L. A.

A Tiger's Tale

What do the latest published photographs of Tiger Woods tell us about him?  About ourselves?

Drawing Room

A new exhibit of Agnolo Bronzino's work is on display at the Metropolitan in New York.

A Flaky Guy

His name was Bentley . . . and he was obsessed with snowflakes.  He was also a pioneer in macro photography.

21 January 2010

Just Too Mundane?

A new exhibit of Tara Donovan's works raises the age-old question:  Is it 'Art?'

Silver Screen

Martin Scorsese continues to preach the gospel of film preservation.

Get the Shot

Elinor Carucci describes how she snapped her favorite.

An Oscar in One Hand, A Brush in the Other

Did you know that the man who so deliciously played Hannibal Lecter is an accomplished painter?  Meet Mr. Anthony Hopkins.

Sheep In Wolf's Clothing?

A furor's erupted over an award-winning wildlife photograph.

20 January 2010

Charm School Dropouts

Amazing artists . . . very prickly people

A Black Eye For Art

Lucien Freud turns a dust-up with a cabbie into a painting that could fetch millions at auction.

19 January 2010

Trading His Brush For a Pen

Vincent van Gogh was not only a masterful painter, he was a prolific letter-writer.  Now, both his words and his works are on display at the Royal Academy in London.

A Life Cut Short

The mother of Lawrence Higgins remembers her son, the promising, extraordinary artist who died by his own hand at age twenty-four.

18 January 2010

Wilson Redux

Richard Wilson's 20:50 newly installed -- again -- at the Saatchi in London.

Floor Show

A new exhibit featuring the work of Katja Strunz

Rai of the Beholder

An interview with famed photog Raghu Rai.

01 January 2010


The French artist Honore Daumier as part of the Phillips Collection.

The Year in Art

How to handle the economic downturn.

David Levine, R.I.P.

On the passing of the great caricaturist.