11 November 2010

The Mexican Suitcase

An extraordinary exhibit at New York's International Center of Photography featuring the war photographs of Robert Capa, Chim and Gerda Taro.  Here, Leonard Lopate interviews the show's curators, Brian Wallis and Cynthia Young.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, thanks for introducing yourself and the link to your work and background. Your pencil work is beautiful. I am new to Imagekind so I am not sure how it all works but I am having a hard time responding to people who have written me. I am having all kinds of problems even getting on to my page to change things?
Hopefully that will get remedied soon.

Just wanted to say Hi and thank you!!

Nick said...

I hope your patience pays off. If I can help answering any questions, I'd be happy to.

Thanks for your kind note.