16 December 2009

Bleak Beauty

Mark Lynas says viewing The Road is a shattering experience, and all of us should experience it.


Randy said...

As I read about this movie since I have not seen it yet I am reminded of two other movies I have seen. One is The Day After(made for tv, 1983) starring Jason Robards about a nuclear attack on the US. Also the movie The Grapes Of Wrath(1940 John Stienbeck) starring Henry Fonda. Yes they both tugged at my heart for the people in the movie and what they are going though with suffering that would be almost unsurmountable odds. You can not imagine what the human spirit can handle until you are in that position yourself. God knows what you can handle and he works accordingly. I hope to see this movie when it is available to me.

Nick said...

I've not yet seen the movie, though the reviews I've read have been mixed. I can say this: I have not been as moved, as shaken, as in awe of any novel in many years as I was of Cormac McCarthy's The Road.