Print It!

David Lynch, one of the world's great and most eccentric directors, has made a tidy little film about -- of all things -- lithography.  It's only eight minutes.  Watch it.

Art In a Time of War

How does creativity wrestle with the horrors of life in the midst of a war zone?  That's the challenge confronting artists in Syria.  Here's how they're succeeding.

Arts R & D

Would you believe an arts clearinghouse . . . deep in the heart of Texas?

What's Up at the AIC?

When it comes to seeking out photographic images, could there be a place more prosaic than a city street?  Yet it's here that Irving Penn found a startlingly rich milieu.  His Underfoot exhibit is now being featured at Art Institute of Chicago.

All Hail the King

New photographs of Elvis as you've never quite seen him before.

How Far Would You Go?

Here's an interesting question -- does the theft of art always represent a purely monetary quest or can it be conceived out of deep love for the work and the artist?

Drawing on Life

What you see below is not a photograph; it's one of Kevin Okafor's astonishingly realistic graphite drawings.  As an artist who works in graphite and charcoal myself, it has never been my desire to be so painstakingly representational.  To me, that's the province of photography.  

The larger question that's been raised about Okafor's work is whether it's 'art.'  

I'm interested in your thoughts.