31 January 2013

Order in the Court

Robert Templeton may not rank amongst The Masters, but his courtroom art has been seen by millions.  Here, in the infamous case of Black Panthers put on trial more than forty years ago, is an example of Templeton's skill in the pay of CBS News.

Now, For Something Completely Different

Decidedly NOT James Whistler's mother.

29 January 2013

The Art of the Deal

It's a rarefied world in which only the ultra-rich can play.  But are the major New York galleries and auction houses playing fair? 

26 January 2013

Form Without Function

Frank Gehry's been at it again, creating new and compelling forms that float and glow.  Where to see them?  The Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills.

14 January 2013

The Perils of Portraiture

British painter Paul Elmsely has been getting pummeled in some circles for his portrait of Kate Middleton.  Naturally, the wags with Photoshop have been hard at work in the wake of the portrait's unveiling a few days ago at the National Gallery in London.

What's your take?