Let There Be Light

From the mid-1930s to the early '70s, Italian designer Gino Sarfatti was the light of the world.

"F" Is For "Fake"

A New York gallery's in deep guano over accusations it reaped big money peddling art forgeries.

An Inside Job?

Art thieves have struck a Rotterdam museum and made off with a priceless haul.  Read all about it.

Damien, You're a Bad, Bad Boy

Damien Hirst's latest work is a gigantic bronze statue.  British critic Jonathan Jones leaves no doubt how little he thinks of it.

Fine Art -- Where You'd Least Expect It

Want to be an original Braque?  A Matisse?  Check the Costco Web site.

Rothko Defaced

It's deemed one of the worst security breaches ever at the Tate Modern.  Read all about it.