30 August 2012

Well-Intentioned Blunder

What happens when an amateur art restorer tries her hand on a Spanish church icon?  The outcome was not good.

29 August 2012

Beauty and the Beasts

They are among the most stunning photographs of their type that you will ever see -- part of the Veolia EnvironmentWildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Follow the link to a video presentation.  You won't be disappointed.

28 August 2012

New Art

Lemon Buddha
Acrylic on canvas
10 x 10

17 August 2012

The Eye of the Beholder

New artwork in Boston's elicited some troubling responses.  Weigh in as you please.

08 August 2012

New Art

Acrylic on canvas board
10 x 10
July 2012