28 June 2012

Painting the Town

In New York, the state of contemporary painting is on vivid display downtown.

27 June 2012

The Adams Family

Ansel Adams and water.  It was a special relationship -- as this exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum near Boston makes clear.

26 June 2012

The Sporting Life

London, as you know, plays host to the Summer Olympics next month.  To get into the spirit, there's an exhibition of rare, sensational posters done by Russian artists.

Endless Space

What's new at the Whitney?  Yayoi Kusama's remarkable Fireflies on the Water.

25 June 2012

Artnet R.I.P.

Artnet's not long for this world.

Szing Her Up

For New York artist Victoria Sze, it's about about . . . tension.

14 June 2012

Give It Your Best Shot

Peter Fraser describes how he got the capture of his life.