29 September 2010

Postcards From the Edge

In a bid to save the oft-neglected postcard, a number of artists are called on to offer up their best.

Casting a Paul

Adrian Searle's take on the new Gauguin exhibition at the Tate.

Bad Boy . . . Bad Taste?

The art world's favorite whipping boy . . . are you with Damien Hirst or agin him?

Weaving Magic

Raphael's Sistine Chapel's tapestries . . . a video feature.

The Eye for the Image

It's some shot, all right.  Now, Guillaume Herbaut explains how he got it.

New Art

Siren Song IV
September 2010

"B" movie queen Rose McGowan

18 September 2010

Painful Homecoming

What going back to Baghdad will mean for architect Zaha Hadid.

Roman's Legions

A video portrait of Roman Polanski at work on his latest film, The Ghost.

Too Revealing?

When is a photograph too intimate?  Panayiotis Lamprou pushes the envelope.

He Takes the Prize

Keith Coventry's painting of Jesus reaps a big check.

06 September 2010

The Pen Is Mightier . . .

On the passing of three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Paul Conrad.

New Art

Siren Song One
September 2010

05 September 2010

Obesssional Confessional

What the hell is driving Rachel Whiteread?  Read all about it.


The Vienna Architecture Biennale.

Day Light

The story of Corinne Day, whose pix of Kate Moss helped redefine fashion photography and spark a row heard 'round the world.

New Art

Big Joe
August 2010