26 March 2010

Putting It All Together

The unique photographic art of Idris Khan.

Outlaw Art

A painting of Australia's most notorious criminal is a record-setter.

Jim Marshall, R.I.P.

The work of the Master.

25 March 2010


Just how do photographers capture motion effectively?

X-Ray Vision

Works of art -- from the inside out.

24 March 2010

Fleshing Out Portraiture

She's young and talented . . . artist Alexa Meade stretching the bounds of portrait painting.

Shrouded In Mystery

It's provenance may be questionable, but a new exhibit underscores the incredible pull the Shroud of Turin still exerts.  An article of faith?  A work of art?

Where It's @

Utilitarian?  Yes . . . and it's art.

It's a Crime

Photographers tackle the question of exactly what do we consider "criminal?"

Silver Screen

His work is essential to understanding the art of cinema.  To mark the centenary of Akira Kurosawa's birth, here are an essential ten.

23 March 2010

They Don't Get No Respect

Handlers . . . the unsung heroes of the art world.

Follow the Clues

The challenges faced by artists trying to recapture the look of ancient creatures.

Sandby Storm

A new exhibition of work by British painter Paul Sandby.

22 March 2010

South of the Border

Aztec art and its relationship to the Spanish conquerors of Mexico on display at the Getty in Los Angeles.

From the Top of the World

A new exhibit of Tibetan art at the Smithsonian.

Poster Child

It's the new breed of Hollywood poster.

Fading Memories

Before there were billboards . . . .

The Right Prescription

Could Norman Foster's design for a hospital in Bath, England revolutionize patient care?

Mars Attacks

Abstracts from the Red Planet.

19 March 2010

Antony Uber Alles

Something news on the Gotham skyline:  statues by Antony Gormley . . . of himself.

18 March 2010

Your Best Shot

Here's Ed Kashi's favorite photograph . . . and the story of how he got the shot.

The Art of War

Artist Jules George has just returned from being embedded with British troops in Afghanistan.

The Art of Vietnam

A video report on a new exhibition in the U.S.

17 March 2010


The passing of Charles Moore, the chronicler of the civil rights movement.

Silver Screen

Too hot to handle?  A compendium of controversial flicks.

Beat Generation

Japanese director Takeshi Kitano's work on display in Paris.

O, My

The humble letter "O" has held a special place in design.  Read all about it.

16 March 2010

A Quieter Way of Life

The work of painter Millard Sheets is on display at the Pasadena Museum of California Art.

New York, New Tower

A look at architect Jean Nouvel's latest apartment building.

Naked Truth

The photographer Rankin makes his case for the purity of nudes in his new exhibition, Cheeky.

Keen Eye

A conversation with the great photographic chronicler of the '60s, David Bailey.

15 March 2010

Silver Screen

Are these the best scenes ever put to film?  You decide.

Unsung Talent

The work of British photographer Margaret Hardman.

12 March 2010

Novel Auction

Best-selling writer Michael Crichton's putting most of his art collection on the block.


A new exhibit of the work of Otto Dix.


It's been centuries since the mysterious disappearance of Caravaggio.  What happened to him?  Art sleuths think they may have the answer.

Art For the Birds

He makes art unlike any other -- CĂ©leste Boursier-Mougenot.  Now -- there's a new exhibition in London.

10 March 2010

Treasure Trove

One of the most coveted private art collections in Los Angeles could fetch $150 million.


The bad boy of Italian art has a a bigger, more passionate following than ever four hundred years after his death.

Freudian Slip

A new exhibit of Lucian Freud's work is on display in Paris.  It's the first since the 1980s.  What do the French have against him?

It's a Disaster

Some compelling photographs are up for auction in  -- all to benefit Samoan tsunami relief.

Short List

The work of artists who made the final cut for the Artes Mundi prize has gone on display in Wales.

09 March 2010

Let There Be Light

Revealing new details in a Giotto masterwork.


Paul Nicklen's been capturing moments at opposite ends of the Earth for years.  Now, his amazing work is collected in a new book.

08 March 2010

At a Minimum

It doesn't take much to make art.

Pre-Apocalyptic Art

An art project in London is giving creativity a last burst before the bulldozers roll.

Warsaw Uprising

A new exhibit of superb Polish posters on display in London.

Art -- To the Barricades!

The brilliance of political postering from a bygone era.

07 March 2010

New Art

March 2010

04 March 2010

The Big Show

It's the Whitney Biennial.  What's the takeaway?

The River of Life

Africa's Okavango Delta has provided the setting for some spectacular photography.  Breathtaking.