30 November 2009

"F" Is For Fake

Will the real Rembrandt please come forward?  A new exhibition of the real thing and the pretenders at the Getty.

A Style All His Own

A new Edward Bawden exhibition.

A Picture Tells a Thousand Stories

Some of the best photojournalism of the past year.

Silver Screen -- A Serious Case of Quirk

Have you seen A Serious Man?  Marvelous film, one that Joe Queenan argues is unlike anything else the Coen brothers have ever done.  Do you agree?

29 November 2009

New Art -- Haiku

November 2009

28 November 2009

A Buddhist Tale

Splendid masterworks from ancient China.

Silver Screen -- Me and Orson Welles

The new flick about the wunderkind himself.

Silver Screen -- Singin' In the Rain

The simply perfect movie musical.

Silver Screen -- The Road

Behind the scenes with director John HIllcoat in this slideshow.


Malcolm McLaren . . . from the Sex Pistols to art impressario.

Eno Is Enough

Brian Eno, best known as a musician, will get an opportunity to show his skills as a curator next year.

27 November 2009


The three panels of a famed Sam Francis mural are hanging together again -- at the Norton Simon.

Silver Screen

Werner Herzog talks about his new film, Bad Lieutenant:  Port of Call New Orleans, working with Nic Cage and the perils of iguanas.

Down the Tube?

There are worries a classic map may be headed for extinction.

26 November 2009

Silver Screen

Another take on The Road . . . this time from A. O. Scott in the New York Times.

Lower Horizons

Grand building plans . . . harsh economic realities.  What happens when they collide?

Art of the Ancients

Remarkable images from Egypt's Gilf Kebir.


How did Mary Ellen Mark get that shot?  Here, she tells the story.

25 November 2009

Silver Screen

Cormac McCarthy's stark masterwork The Road has been given the Hollywood treatment.  Kenneth Turan says it's suffered in the process.

Back From the Blitz

Carefully restored after decades, a damaged masterpiece is seen again.

Shedding Inhibitions

Credit Picasso and Matisse for making art more risque.

The Bad Boy's Back

Yet more new paintings from Damien Hirst.  Are they any good?

Point and Shoot

Fashion photographer Barry Lategan describes how he got his best shot of uber-icon Twiggy.

24 November 2009

Silver Screen

Nearly four decades after it was made, Herzog's Aguirre, the Wrath of God continues to astonish.  Here's A. O. Scott's appreciation.

Freaky, Man

Take a look at the Sixties through the work of Martin Sharp.

Big Trees, Big Space

David Hockney gets all the room he needs at the Tate Britain.

23 November 2009

New Art

November 2009

Hot in the Apple

Kandinsky at the Guggenheim.

Follow the Art Trail

A guide to where contemporary art's getting a fresh look.

Bringing Home the Bacon

A further exploration of the dark side of Francis Bacon and its influence on his work.

22 November 2009

Seeing Is Believing

A look at a new Italian exhibition of trompe l'oeil.

What's Hot

The New York Times list of the top-selling graphic books.

Storming the Barricades

Pollock?  Rothko?  No . . . Matisse was the real revolutionary, argues a new appraisal.

The Burbs

An exhibit at the London Transport Museum explores all that's exotic about . . . suburbia.

21 November 2009

From the Top Down

Does architecture matter?  You bet it does, says The New Yorker's Paul Goldberger.  Here's an interview with WNYC's Leonard Lopate.

Silver Screen

Werner Herzog is always worth paying attention to.  A. O. Scott's paying attention.  Here's his review of Bad Lieutenant:  Port of Call New Orleans. 

Artist Unknown

We may not know the identity of the painter, but his creation has lived through the ages.

Hockney, Redux

An exhibit of David Hockney's work before he became all the rage.

The Heart of the Matter

Long before the Impressionists were doing their best to grasp the bead of mercury, Donatello was searching for the elusive beneath the surface.

Thinking Out of the Box

If all you're after is a little touch of rouge around the cheeks, then Alex Box is not your make-up artist of choice.

A Heavenly Appeal

The Roman Catholic Church is building bridges to the arts community.

20 November 2009

A Koons Age

Jeffrey Koons' new exhibit at New York's Gagosian Gallery.

Warrior Class

They are world-famous.  Now, fifteen of China's terra cotta warriors have come to Washington.

For the Timid

A Tim Burton retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art.


Here's an opportunity to explore one of Jean-Francois Rauzier's hyperphotos.

19 November 2009

Shaq Attack

Pro basketball's most famous big man and his new role as exhibit curator.

The Dude Abides

Little money and low expectations . . . but Jeff Bridges and Crazy Heart are confounding the skeptics.

Brow Beaten

Yes, friends.  The woman with art's most beguiling smile did have eyebrows.

Type Cast

O, for the love of those fonts.  And O, how the gaffes do hurt!

Great Lake

It's art on a grand scale, very much at the mercy of Mother Nature.  How does it get preserved?

Up From the Rubble

Gerry Judah's art is startling -- putting an abstract face to the hellishness of war.

Early Andy

It's a rather simple illustration for a children's book, and it's going to be auctioned in New York next month.  How much do you think it will fetch, considering it was drawn by Warhol?

Getting THE Picture

Sara Ramo describes how she got her best shot.