30 September 2011

Dudeism on Canvas

It's an art show, man.  The Big Lebowski under the brush at the Doyle Art Pavilion in Los Angeles.

25 September 2011

Art in Flux

A new exhibit highlighting the work of New York conceptual artist Charles Maciunas.

14 September 2011

Stanley Steamer

Spielberg on why Kubrick remains a vital cinematic force today.

08 September 2011

Back in the Public Eye

It's a powerful work, and it hasn't been seen for decades.  Now, Ed Kienholz's Five Car Stud is back on view at the L. A. County Museum of Art.

06 September 2011

No Dearth of Docs

This year's Toronto International Film Festival is especially rich in documentaries -- with the legendary Werner Herzog taking center stage.

03 September 2011

New Art

No Mas!
August 2011