31 December 2009

Not Fair Weather

Economic worries have led to the cancellation of a contemporary art fair in Los Angeles.

Da Vinci Code

The world may be on the threshold of seeing a new painting by the  master.

Art and Espionage

How the two mix in the work of Jill Magid now on display in London.  Here's a video presentation.

30 December 2009

Silver Screen -- The Lovely Bones

A conversation with director Peter Jackson two weeks before his latest film gets its national opening.

The Devil's in the Details

What a closer look reveals.


A look at the best photography books of the year.

29 December 2009

You're Golden

How math works to help produce pleasing art.


Kieron Williamson is the boy wonder.  Don't believe it?

28 December 2009

Art Now

What does it mean to be making art as we prepare to enter a new decade?

Art on Wheels

New York City taxis will roll with the art flow in January. 

All About Eva

Taking a look at a collection of Eva Hesse's early, experimental work.

Silver Screen -- Robin Hood

Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott team up yet again on the latest retelling of the Robin Hood legend.  Haven't we seen this before?

25 December 2009

Keep Your Eye On . . .

 . . . a few art world movers and shakers the Los Angeles Times thinks are worthy of note.

Refuges For the Weary

Churches are places of worship, to be sure.  But they're also havens with marvelous art.

Silver Screen -- Sherlock Holmes

Hollywood rolls  the dice on a couple of big-name stars in Guy Ritchie's reworking of Sherlock Holmes.  How good is it? 

24 December 2009

23 December 2009


The death of Craigie Aitchison.

'Scuse Me While I Shoot This Guy

Gered Mankowitz explains how he got his iconic shot of Jimi.

22 December 2009

Hottest of the Hot

The Los Angeles Times picks the best museum exhibits of the year.

Out of the Spotlight

What were the decade's most-deserving films that didn't get the respect they were due?  Here's one list from the Guardian.

21 December 2009

Best of the Best

A year-end list of architectural highlights from the Los Angeles Times.

One Moment, One Shot

Willie Christie's famous snap of Mick.  How he got it.

Too Much of a Good Thing?

No season brings out the baroque quite like Christmas.  Does it warm your heart or wear on you?

Silver Screen -- Best of the Decade

What films would you rate as the finest in the new millennium?  Here's one take.

16 December 2009

Silver Screen -- Crazy Heart

A small film that's getting big critical attention -- Crazy Heart, starring Jeff Bridges.

Bleak Beauty

Mark Lynas says viewing The Road is a shattering experience, and all of us should experience it.

Indelible Images

A new and compelling exhibition of Miroslaw Balka's work has opened in Britain. 

15 December 2009

We Don't Get No Respect

Federal grants to a group of arts bloggers.

Bubble Up

There are plans afoot to add a bubble to Washington's Hirshhorn Museum.

On a Bender

Some people get three sheets to the wind and end up with a tattoo.  Hugh Grant says he wound up with a Warhol.  Lucky for him.

O Holy Night

The Nativity -- updated by some leading contemporary artists.

14 December 2009

Fever Pitch

There's been intense interest over the years in the work of Gabriel Orozco.  Now -- there's a retrospective of his art at MoMA.

Dark Arts

A new exhibition of Miroslaw Balka's work has been mounted at the Tate Modern.  It's not designed to be 'comfort food,' and it's not.

13 December 2009

Serious Money

It's called the Future Generation Prize, and two of the artworld's superstars are among the promoters.

New Art

St. Betty
December 2009

12 December 2009

New Art

Sea Mouse
December 2009

11 December 2009

New Art

November 2009

First Pick

The Obamas have put a very different artistic stamp on the White House -- and Glenn Ligon is among the select few to have his work chosen.

Silver Screen -- Invictus

A. O. Scott's take on Invictus, the latest work from Clint Eastwood.

10 December 2009

A Dylan Christmas

A very creative video -- with fine artwork -- as Mr. Zimmerman sings Little Drummer Boy.

Silver Screen -- The Elephant Man

A fresh look at David Lynch's tale of Joseph Merrick.


Sex in ancient Athens.  A new exhibit examines how the mores of the times were expressed in Greek art.

09 December 2009


William Powhida's satirical look at the contemporary art world.

Silver Screen -- The Decade's Best

Do you agree with this list in The Guardian?

Money, Money, Money

Two masterworks fetch the big bucks in London.

08 December 2009

David Is Goliath

David Hockney.  Enough said.

The Power of Flower

A look at Laurel Lukaszewski's latest exhibition.

The Best of the Best

What are the ten best buildings built during this decade?

Here's one list.

Wright Stuff

Richard Wright is this year's winner of the Turner Prize.

07 December 2009

A Golden Sale

Unexpected though it was, Christie's managed a $30 million sale of Modern and Impressionist art.

Turner Prize

Who's on the short list?  And who should win?  See it here, first.

Post-Millenium Art

What's moved and shaken the art world since the beginning of the century?  Adrian Searle takes a look.

05 December 2009

Art As Utility

London's Serpentine Gallery features an exhibition of the real.

The Art Dish

What's making the art world's tongues wag in London?

The Merit of Mehretu

A new exhibition of Julie Mehretu's works at the Deutsche Guggenheim.

The Real Deal?

An art world uproar over whether they're authenticate Warhols.

Living Color

The splendid photographic work of Inge Morath.